• Prescription nails.

    Prescription nails are safer and healthier than ordinary acrylics and gels, with no toxic chemicals, noxious fumes, dust, filing damage and trauma to your natural nail. The Beauty Revival Clinic also does traditional Acrylics, using Young Nails products which provides a stunning, beautiful high gloss finish to your nails.

    All staff at our Clinic are qualified Nail Technicians.

    We trust you will enjoy your visit with us. Treatment timings are approximate & include client preparation.
    Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.


    The biggest innovation EVER in Salon nail enhancements is now available!

    In the process of changing the artificial nail industry as we know it today, Go 30 Prescription Nails are arguably the most natural looking and easy application of nail extensions on the market.

    Go 30 nails are a modern extension method, applied in less time than older style enhancement systems such as gels or acrylic nails.

    Prescription nails are custom fitted, overlay nails which can be perfectly matched to your natural nails shape. Every person nails are unique, just like a fingerprint. Prescription nails replicate the curves and arcs of the natural nails, through the systematic sizing process which uses 128 different size options and 8 different curve/arc combinations, which are combined to offer 1024 sizing options for each persons natural nails, providing a perfect fit.

    After sizing and application is completed, nails look beautiful and natural and provide strong, long lasting, natural looking nail enhancements.

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