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OZTAN ~ No fake tan smell! Dries quickly, leaving no feeling of residue, just great, long lasting colour.

OZTAN ~ Not your average run of the mill spray tan! Not only can you achieve a safe natural tan but also the colour you require.

Formulated with the world's most rapid natural Dha for superior olive tones & finish more flawless than ever before, this anti oxidant rich formula with Kakadu Plum, Vitamin E & Allantoin will leave your skin glowing with absolutely no fake tan odour or orange tones.

Oztan produces a safe and natural looking tan instantly and is renowned for long lasting colour and even fade Oztan solutions dry quickly, are not sticky or oily and produce no typical "fake tan smell"

OZTan looks like a natural tan.. Instantly. Enjoy that beautiful just-been-on-holiday glow! Even those who normally burn, can enjoy a rich tan. The solution is gently misted onto your skin, giving you a flawless tan within minutes. The active ingredient (DHA) is derived from sugar and has a darkening effect upon the skin. The pigment does not wash off but fades away slowly like a real tan.

Made in Australia using the latest development in DHA technology, to give you a darker, longer lasting tan. The advanced formula dries quickly, leaving no feeling of residue on the skin.. just great, long lasting colour.

Three Great Shades

With 4 great shades, Oztan solutions are renown for their natural olive tones. Achieve deep olive tones from just 1-2 hours wash and wear! ~ Just ask us how!

Golden Honey (lightest shade) For natural depth, wash off after 2-4 hours.

Bondi Bronze (Medium Shade) For medium depth, wash off after 2-4 hours.

Dessert Oak (Darkest Shade) Wash off after 2-4 hours

1 hour Express tan (Medium to Dark Shade) Wash off after 1-2 hours.

Things to consider before making your tanning appointment.

  1. It's best to wax or shave the day before your spray tan
  2. Exfoliate thoroughly the day of your tanning appointment.
  3. Do not moisturise or wear deodorants or perfumes on the day of your spray tan.
  4. Wear dark, loose clothing to your tanning appointment.
  5. Do NOT shower for recommended times, after your tanning application.
  6. Moisturise twice a day to keep your tan looking nice.
  7. Rebook every 10 days for colour intensity.
  8. Consider purchasing OzTan body products to help make your tan last longer.
  9. Do not plan heavy perspiration activities after your tan.
  10. When showering after your spray tan, do not be alarmed at colour coming off. This is only the instant colour, until the real colour has activated with your skin.
  11. Avoid soaking in the bath or chlorinated pools as this will cause your tan to fade faster and remember OzTan does NOT contain a sunscreen and won't protect you against sunburn, so please take the usual precautions.

We trust you will enjoy your visit with us.

Treatment timings are approximate & include client preparation.

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.