Wedding Specials

Wedding Makeups

We do in salon wedding makeups! ~ or we can come to your place for a fee.

"I Looked at My Wedding Day Photos and Thought 'Oh my God, my make-up looked terrible!"

In 50 years, will your wedding make-up stand the test of time?

Here's how you can guarantee your biggest day will look great... forever!

WARNING: Wedding Makeup:
We can only make 7 brides beautiful each month at this price!

Purchase a 'Total Look' Bridal Makeup Package and receive discounts on waxing treatments.

Wedding make-up is a bit different to applying normal makeup. "Why is this?" you ask. Well, the major reason is that thing that a lot of us dread.. The Camera! ~ Yes! Chances are, you are going to have a photographer on hand to record the special day and a lot of his shots, especially inside ones, will be taken using a 'flash' to get extra light on the subject.. YOU!

There is nothing worse than a washed out or overdone look, especially as the camera is going to capture this moment forever! Your everyday makeup is not really suitable for your big day. You need not only to look beautiful in person but on your photos as well and whilst we cannot guarantee what the photographer may do!.. we will do our uttermost to make you look as beautiful as you really are on your special day..

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